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Broumas Law Group provides practical and effective solutions for our clients in the tax insolvency area. At Broumas Law Group we combine both legal and accounting disciplines to provide comprehensive and effective representation to our clients.

A tax problem of virtually any type can create significant financial troubles for individuals, small business owners, or large companies. At Broumas Law Group we will help you to identify the extent and nature of your tax insolvency problem and help you to develop a strategy to fix the problem in the most effective and practical manner. We can assist you with the following matters:
  • Preparation of offer in compromise
  • Negotiation of installment payment
  • Determination uncollectible status
  • Staying liens, levies, and wage garnishments
  • Determining statute of limitations on collections
  • Arranging settlements with Internal Revenue Service and the State of Maryland
  • Obtaining tax relief including innocent spouse relief
  • Representation in collection due process hearing

At Broumas Law Group we deal with tax issues directly and proactively. The ultimate resolution of these serious problems will usually depend on the presence of mitigating or aggravating factors and a determination by the tax authority of your ability to pay the debt.

Broumas Law Group provides the following services to our business clients:

  • Business planning and valuation
  • Incorporation and preparation of corporate charters and other corporate documents.

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