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The Maryland bankruptcy lawyer at Broumas Law Group is dedicated to providing dynamic and aggressive representation to everyone at an affordable price. Our pricing is relatively low; most chapter 7 bankruptcy cases will cost you $799.00 for the attorney’s fees. In appropriate cases we can have the bankruptcy Court waive the filing fees or give our clients a convenient four month payment plan for the bankruptcy court costs.

Our bankruptcy attorney and staff understand that you are in financial trouble and do not have a lot of money to pay for the help you need. Our Maryland bankruptcy attorney and professional staff understand the serious nature of your situation and who can provide you with compassionate and effective assistance when you need it the most.

J. Michael Broumas has over 35 years experience as a practicing bankruptcy attorney with a broad range of experience in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 12 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy and in Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganizations. At Broumas Law Group we understand the difficult situation our clients are in when they face issues such as foreclosure, garnishment, repossessions, and collection calls. We are here to help our clients resolve their legal issues and to get their lives back on track and improve their credit.


Bankruptcy is not an end. It is a chance for a fresh start. Our clients are often surprised that their credit improves once they file bankruptcy and all the negative credit stops reporting. Let our firm guide you through the bankruptcy process and any related litigation to get you a fresh start.

We provide all our clients the highest quality bankruptcy legal service at an affordable price.

We qualify as a debt relief agency. In many cases relief may require the filling of bankruptcy case.

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